Revere Liberty 72 Gun Safe Review

Revere Liberty 72 Gun Safe ReviewAmericans don't seem to understand that guns aren't allowed on planes. Siege 72-Gun Fireproof with Electronic Lock Gun Safe, Black: 40-Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock and Door Storage: Haven 48-Gun Fire and Waterproof Electronic Lock Gun Safe, Metal Gray Gloss Metallic Finish: Preserve 60-Gun Fire and Waterproof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Black Textured Gloss: Price $. National Classic Extreme 60 Gun Safe. Liberty Home Safes are American Made and protect your valuables, documents, and other essential belongings from fire and theft. The foam shape can be adjusted for maximum protection, while the LED lights and backlit keypad make it easy to use in low-light environments. Liberty Safe: Brand Review and Product Offering. These are one solid piece and offer significantly more pry resistance than the traditional round bolts. A powerful 2 watts 14-inch panel, packed with 20 LEDs by BLS. Stealth UL28 UL RSC Gun Safe with Minor $1,449. Triple Fin seal for added fire and smoke protection. However, if you choose to add additional features, the price will increase. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. LIBERTY SAFE: STACK-ON: Remington: Name: 40-Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock and Door Storage: Federal 48-Gun 75-Min fire rating EMP E-Lock, 60. For an entry level option, there are probably better choices. Outer Dimensions: 59” H x 36” W x 20” D. First, they started with a 14 gauge steel door and body. Any reviews or thoughts on the Revere Liberty 72 Gun Safe with 60 Minute E-Lock? Seems good mix of brand, fire rating, capacity, and value. ISM TR-6522 TRTL-30x6 High Security Safe. If you need real protection in a convenient, gun-locker-sized package, the Centurion 12 is. Barska Quick and Easy Biometric Gun Safe – Best Affordable Gun Safe Under $1000. The Superior Master gun safes are a classic edition, …. Best Gun Safes by Category. Independence, 72 Gun Safe, 30 Minute Fire Rating At 1200 Degrees, Sargent & Greenleaf E-Lock, 12 Gauge Robotically Welded 2 Piece Roll Formed Body, 12 Active 1" Round Locking Bolts, Triple Hard Plate, External Re-Locker, 3 Point Handle, 3 In 1 Flex Interior With Door Panel, Textured Granite Finish With Chrome Hardware, Textured Granite …. 6K subscribers in the Gun_Safes community. Lots Of Seam, And "Air Gap" Problems-. The Liberty Safe REVERE 72 Long Gun Safe, 12 1 In. However the price is incredibly low for what you are getting. com Liberty safe owner's manuals, instructions, & quick start guide | liberty safe ; Liberty revere 72 gun safe 3,427 views dec 26, 2021 just a quick review of the gun safe. Just a quick review of the gun safe. Liberty Revolution 24 Gun Safe Reviews. Upgrade your personal security with the Liberty National Classic Plus 50 gun safe. You may tailor your gun storage safe to match the aesthetic of your house or place of work by choosing from two distinct. We break down the best gun safe movers in your area. com/collections/safesMany people loved the original Colion Noir Noir edition Pew Pew Life LifePod traveling gun c. While this is a secure and reliable product, I find it a bit overpriced for what you get. They went from selling $2500 - 3500 safes to selling $299 lockable containers at …. My big safe is a Liberty Centurion and weighs close to 700 pounds empty. Liberty Revere 72 Gun Safe. Batteries typically last 12 to 18 months, but can last shorter. Founded in 1988 by a former business owner who sold out to his partner, Liberty has become one of the most successful gun safe makers in the United States. 5-hour fire rating and UL-listed security features, you can rest assured that your items are safe from thievery, fires, and other disasters. Ten 4" military style locking bars. EastVita Gun-Safe,GH145, Quick Access 5-6 Gun Large Rifle Gun Security Cabinet for Rifle Shotgun Firearms with/without Optics with Pistol Lock Box, Removable Storage Shelf. Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green. Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed. You can pick a cheap or expensive model depending on the needs and features. Steel thicknesses range from 14 gauge steel door and body up to 10 gauge. Invest in a Liberty gun safe today! For more information on Liberty gun safes, home safes, ★ Judge. It's based on studies conducted by Omega-Point Laboratories. 0/10 Pros UL Approved SecuRam Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock 4-Inch Military Style Locking Bars Offer Significant Pry Resistance 60 Minute Fire Rating at 1200 Degrees with Palusol Door Seal High Quality Interior with Door Panel Organizer Included. Or, you can have the safe professionally drilled and repaired so the safe can continue to be used. It has a great space for those who don’t want a very large gun safe. The TruLock internal hinge system and solid steel locking bolts provide superior protection against pry attacks and unwanted entry. The "brand name" (LaGard, S&G) digital locks are generally form factor compatible with S&G and LaGard mechanical locks. Kodiak KSB5940EXSO 38 Long Gun Safe – Most Secure Large Kodiak Safe. Champion still builds gun safes for sale the old-fashioned way – heavy and tough with thick American-made high-strength steel! Our gun safes are “built up to a standard, not down to a price. Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews: Top 7 for Handguns and Long Guns. In this video we are taking a look at the sub 1000. The Agile 40 is strong and durable, yet lightweight so you can relocate around the house, or when you move. Buy Kodiak KB5933ECX 32 Gun Safe - 40 Minute Fire Rating online at GunSafes. Kodiak KB5940ECX 52 Long Gun Safe – Highest …. Modify Liberty Safe's gun safe box to your gear today. 2023 Liberty Safe Catalog. They also use genuine Palusol Fire seals which are the high quality seals in the industry. In the spirit of tradition and security, the 1776 Series features UL Listed security and a boost in fire protection. 4 Presidential 39-Gun PX50 Gun Safe. Anyone with an angle grinder and 20 minutes could cut through the. Considering the role a gun safe plays in keeping your family out of harm’s way, this is a modest price to pay for a vital addition to your home. The Liberty Colonial Gun Safe comes with a 75 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. The Gunbunker GS-1 is a heavy-duty safe made out of 16Ga powder-coated steel. This is not a particularly good lock with known issues and quite easy to break into. For protecting larger gun collections from theft and fire at a great value, the USA 48 gun safe is a top choice. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The 6120 is similar to the Spartan in many ways, with some improvement. REVERE Liberty 72 Gun Safe with 60 Minute E. 1,000+ Gun Safe Combination Options. Holds 24 firearms up to 54” tall, or 12 firearms and storage, or all storage. 60minute burn time at 1200 degrees. For current pricing and our full line of accessories visit LIBERTYSAFE. The Outfitter E-Lock 30-Gun Safe is constructed of 12-gauge steel, with eight 4"x1/4" locking bars. In an effort to help users make informed decisions, we have aggregated the following …. See how Liberty Safe's top-tier gun safe strength, quality, and engineering allow our home and gun safes to stand up to a pry test. Bolting a safe to the wall and floor is an extra precaution because it makes it harder to access the back of the safe. When people search for a safe to buy as their home vault they shop at Liberty because of the quality, reliability and service received. Texas Safe & Vault is the factory authorized Platinum dealer for Liberty Safes and Exclusive Browning Pro Series safe dealer for Central Texas. Because it only has a 12 gauge steel door and 14 gauge steel body, it does not qualify for the test. ProVault® Flex 24-Gun Safe by Liberty. Atripark Fingerprint 10-12 Rifle Gun Safe, Unassembled Gun Safes for Rifles and Pistols with LED Light, Quick Access Gun Safes for Rifles and Shotguns, Gun cabinets with Adjustable Rack is a …. The Liberty Colonial 23 Gun Safe CO23 is the next level up from the USA series. Went over to rural King today to check out their latest offering of a monster gun safe. NATIONAL RETAILERS: National retailers carry private labeled Liberty gun safes and/or limited Liberty offerings. 30 broomsticks and/or handguns may fit but definitely not scoped longguns. It will then take you to a results page with the top ten nearby dealers in your area. Don't the safes with electronic keypads also have key locks? Mine does. This gun safe has a 60-minute fire rating. 2 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock MBF5922E. Is the Revere (30) worth twice as much as the Centurion (24)? It says it has 10 minutes of extra fire protection. I would recommend them to anyone looking to clean up their gun safes a bit. GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500. Moving a gun safe can require special equipment. Outside Dimensions: 3" H x 10" W; $ 19. com/shop/liberty-revere-23-2/Hi, this is Ed and here today I'm going to i. The Liberty Freedom 36 Gun Safe comes standard with the SecuRam UL Rated TopLit high security electronic lock. The Liberty Safe REVERE 72 Long Gun Safe with 60 Minute E-Lock gives you security at an affordable and entry-level price. This safe is built from the ground up to offer you top security and fire protection features, meaning that it's the perfect place to store your firearms, valuables, and documents. You can purchase the AMSEC TF5924E5 Rifle & Gun Safe here: https://www. They are nice at first and ask for pics. It looks strong and durable and will not scratch or damage like a high gloss safe. com/actionlockandsafetampabayHi, this is Ed. Another good steal purchase from BJ's wholesale club. Best Smart Full-Size Safe: WincentPro RF2. Found a good deal on a Centurion Safe by Liberty Safe. Liberty Safe Revere 30 Gun, 30 Minute Fire Rating, E. Brand: Total Defense: LIBERTY SAFE: Tracker Safe: LIBERTY SAFE: Name: 40-Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock and Door Storage: Centurion 24-Gun 40-min fire rating EMP E-Lock, 59. The Elite only has 10 locking points, and the bolts are just 1″ thick in diameter. This comes largely as a product of the company’s use of Palusol heat-activated fire steel and fireproof insulation boarding. The 60 x 40-inch, and 72 x 40-inch also have a fire resistance of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 40 minutes. Best Gun Safe for the Money – *Exceptional Gun Safes (RSC Attack Level 1 to 2) AMSEC BFX/BFII Gun Safe Review. Sargent & Greenleaf 6120 Electronic Safe Lock. This safe is made out of 10 gauge solid steel and is fire resistant up to 120 minutes in 1400 degrees. America's #1 gun safe company—Liberty Safe! To ensure proper set up and installation, PLEASE READ THIS QUICK START GUIDE Failure to register the product may void any warranty. A thicker 12-gauge | By Liberty Safe | The next series above the Centurion is the UL Listed Revere Series. The USA 30 comes standard with chrome hardware (including a 3-three spoke handle), the versatile dual-flex, fully upholstered shelving system, and a factory-installed interior door …. Easy Outlet Plug for quick-plug and go electricity. We use fire-rated gypsum board to increase fire resistance. Locking Bolts, Fire Protection Certified for 60 Min. Considering it is claimed to weigh around 400 lbs, we can safely assume this is 14. A question that current and potential safe owners often ask is whether electronic safe locks are reliable. Liberty Freedom 72 Gun Safe. It comes standard with level 2 security features, a fast-access SecuRam TopLit electronic lock, a factory-installed door panel for greater …. With a Liberty gun safe, you're Always Protected. According to The Daily Meal, cooked shrimp is safe to eat for up to 72 hours after preparation when refrigerated. The safe is a Liberty model D-23 and MSRP is $1600. 6 Waterproof Fire Safe by First Alert 2087f. The lock is safeguarded against drill attacks by …. Fire Rating – Liberty Franklin Gun Safe Reviews. The Centurion Deluxe 23 has a RSC rating. Zach Boyer from Tracker Safe was kind enough to send me these 5 things! They are a smaller safe company, but they really do pack a punch for imported gun safes (and as we’ll learn soon, to be USA made as well). Price: $629 – $829 range (with discount below) weight: 175 – 365 bs range. We know that at first glance, many safes look the same. This ProVault 12-Gun Safe features a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Stack-On Personal Extra Large Safe - Matte Black. 6 rioter, now faces an investigation in Missouri over its controversial decision. Liberty HD-100 – Best Under $150. These safes for home use come in our durable gray marble powder coat finish and 3-in-1 Flex interior,. With an exterior decorated with gorgeous scroll work and an interior packed with security features, the National Classic Plus 25 is a high security gun safe that offers the best of both worlds. The company offers the broadest line of home, gun, office and commercial safes available from any one company. Siege 72-Gun Fireproof with Electronic Lock Gun Safe, Black. ProVault® Electronic-Lock Gun Safes by Liberty. The first thing I like about this vault is it features 16-gauge steel, which matches what Hornady and Vaultek offer. Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. 1 #1: Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe. LFJ48 48-Gun Safe Electronic Lock Textured Black Chrome - $946. Our team here at Liberty is dedicated to making sure you get the perfect safe for you. Handgun Hangers are an innovative gun storage solution for your handguns to utilize the least used space in your Liberty gun safe under the shelves. PLEASE ENSURE EXTRA CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH OR MOVING UNSECURED SAFES. Dual directional snap-fit wiring connections. Love the predrilled holes in back with rubber seal to wall mount so that I didn't have to drill holes in my floor. In this review, I will explain the good and the bad on the Quicktec Gun Safe for 5-6 Rifles. The Liberty Revere 64 Gun Safe doesn’t just have a good lock, it also has advanced security features including Liberty’s 4 inch military style locking bars. Buy From Tractor Supply - $630. SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON SMALL LOTS! Items not picked up during the scheduled load-out times will be charged a $10 convenience fee (per invoice) for delayed pickup. Liberty Safe - LED Tactical Flashlight, J5 V1-PRO, 300 Lumen Ultra Bright 3 Mode. I can sum up the Liberty Safe SafElert monitoring system in one word: awesome. Call one of our experienced safe experts in Austin 512-989-3744 or San Antonio 210-404-1365 today! Ask our Safe experts a question. Given it’s an Amazon product, it’s not a “pistol safe” per se, and other safes certainly have better features, for well under $100 it’s hard to beat. See more ideas about gun safe, tractor supplies, tractor supply co. The Revere R30 is one of three models in the new Liberty Revere gun safe Series. We only use American-made pickled and oiled steel. Liberty Gun Safes - Fatboy Jr Extreme Series - USA Made 45 Gun Safe - 75 Min @ 1200° Fire Rating. Accessory - Security - Safe Cover - 48. This panel is ideal for gun safe lighting, but can also be used for lighting in the wardrobe, garage, stairway, hallway, laundry, closet, kitchen, sink, cabinet, and more. 5 inches and is constructed using minimal design. When it comes to protecting your belongings, you can’t be. I only have a few guns, but want to grow a collection over the coming years. Call for a free quote! 800-266-7150. Delivery Fire Protection Security Levels Mechanical vs Electronic Liberty Gun Safe Blog. With a 10-gauge steel body and an ultra-reliable. I sent an e-mail to Liberty explaining the problem and asked for an RMA to return them. For more information on Liberty gun safes, home safes, and commercial safes, please call us at 800-247-5625 or email us at info@libertysafe. 0/10 Pros UL Approved SecuRam Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock 4-Inch Military Style Locking Bars Offer Significant Pry Resistance 40 …. Customer Care, Toll Free (855-248-6723) Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews: Write a review! Read all reviews. Fire Rating At Tractor Supply Co. You must pick it up, will probably take 3 strong people AT MINIMUM. Liberty Freedom 30 Gun Safe. With the proper tools, anyone can do this. We even offer magnetic gun-carrying cases in a variety of sizes. Just look up at the top of this webpage, and where it says "Tools", click on it. The gun safe has twelve 1-inch locking bolts and a relocker. Feel free to comment with any questions! https://www. No Additional Features + View All. The next safe lock will either be a mechanical only, or one of these fancy electronic keypad and mechanical dial systems. Man am I being to picky been looking at liberty safes for a while now tractor supply has a 44 gun for 1200 made in the USA but they also have a 72 gun for 1000 but made in China still carries their warranty and support but the whole made in China bothers me thinking of just picking up the 44 and be. The National Safes were originally the National Security safes, which used to be a completely separate company, and was purchased in 1997 by Liberty Safes. Keep track of humidity and temperature levels with this easy-to-use monitor, ensuring your guns and valuables are safe from …. Fort Knox Executive 7241 Review. It has a brass wheel handle, Remington logo and brass keypad. One of the most famous American-made gun safe manufacturers, Liberty Gun Safes, subjects their products to rigorous testing -including dropping them from 200 feet and crashing a car into them. Liberty Safe & Security Product 243414 12 Gun …. This safe is fireproof in 1,200 degrees for up to 30 minutes and it has a seal to protect the items inside from smoke and fire damage. SecuRam is one of the only three lock companies I recommend due to their longevity, quality and reliability. They also use genuine Palusol Fire seals which are the highest quality seals. Tractor Supply Company (TSC) sells Liberty gun safes because they are built in America from American steel and as America’s #1 safe manufacturer Liberty does not cut corners when it comes to quality and engineering. The Liberty Freedom 30 Gun Safe comes with a 40 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. The Superior Master series offers six sizes to cover the volume needs of just about everyone. Bottom line is, better security, better fire ratings, thicker steel (if they are still talking "gauge" and not "of an inch thick- like 1/4"-- then it's not all that), size, inside vs outside hinges and etc. At Liberty Safe, your security is our priority. Liberty Gun Safe RV30DLX Revere 28 Gun Safe 2 Color Options LIBRV30 Image by : www. There has perhaps never been a better time to be in the market for a quality gun safe. My brother went with Browning and never looked back. Packed with solid security features at an entry-level price, the USA 48 is also ideal for serious collectors in need of a second or third safe with lots of room. Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods. The Ironworks Thunderbolt IWT7242X is one of the nicest gun safes we have ever seen. Other] Liberty Safe Revere, 30 Long Gun. Fire Rating – Liberty Revere 72 Gun Safe. Model - GI6039 (Unidentifiable) Old Glory SUPER-DUTY Tactical Gun Safe Specifications: Meets an Exceeds National Security Standards for Theft and Fire Class IV 120-minute 2-Hour 1880 fire certification (Stores Papers also) Thicker Heavy-duty 9 Gauge steel body (twice as thick) 5" solid-edge door DOUBLE-STEP Composite 1/4'' Solid Plate Steel 3 …. If your other option is Liberty (made in USA), go with Cannon. All of this can be purchased for well under $2000. Liberty Revere Gun Safe Reviews">Liberty Revere Gun Safe Reviews. There are several interior storage options included, but obviously most people looking at this safe set it up with the standard 64 gun option. So, remember, when you’re shopping for safes by gun count, keep in mind that large long guns, scopes, and other accessories, take up extra room. If you want a large-capacity, high-security, and highly versatile safe, the Colonial 50 Extreme is a top choice. 1 GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe. Liberty's Colonial 30 is an ideal “starter” gun safe for people who want more features, security, color options, and fire protection than the hot-selling USA line but still want a great deal on a good-sized safe. Find everything you need to customize and enhance your gun safe, including lock upgrades, shelving, dehumidifiers, and more. You could claim deductions for items such as guns, safe deposit boxes, education expenses, car expens. Cabela's Classic Series E-Lock 25-Gun Safe by Liberty - $999. Each category and my scoring are explained in detail under the table. Jul 21, 2022 - Explore Joe Casserly's board "Gun safes" on Pinterest. A Sportsman’s Warehouse exclusive; the Sportsman’s Series comes in 3 different sizes – 30, 36, and 48-gun (firearm dependent). Fire Rating, Gun Safe, Brown Shop all Liberty Safe Liberty Safe Revere Bronze, 64 Long …. This model can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and its interior is lined with protective foam that will keep your handguns from getting scratched during the transport. Crafted with 14-gauge steel and a 30-minute fire rating (at 1400°F), this safe provides additional protection should the unexpected occur. Gun safes are typically more sturdy than gun cabinets. military-style locking bars, this durable gun safe can hold its own. The company's products are offered under three popular brands–Liberty, National Security and Centurion. Liberty Safe Dealers are independently owned and operated. Just keep in mind for $2-$300 more you could get a fatboy jr and be set until you get the urge to upgrade. A Guided Tour Through the Liberty Safe Factory (8:35) Home and gun safes from Liberty are better because we build them better. I've forwarded it to our customer support manager about the email you sent. / Stack-On Siege 72 Gun Safe 2 Keys & Combo Scratches and Dents. Kits Include Automatic Motion Switches & Power Sources. You always have to get a safe that will work great for your gun safe needs. The Liberty Safe Presidential gun safe line provides top levels of fire protection and security as a formidable safe. The Liberty 1776 64 Gun Safe 7664-GYM-E-DP doesn’t just have a good lock, it also has advanced security features including Liberty’s 4 inch military style locking bars. 12 Best Electronic Safe Locks Reviewed and Rated in 2023. The Liberty Fatboy 64-gun safe has 32 gun capacity on both sides and a total of 48 gun capacity. Accessory - Dehumidifier - Peet Dryer Series from $36. To be sure the safe will fit in your space, add 1/4" to the depth for the outlet kit, 1. You might already have a 72-hour disaster kit or even a longer-term Doomsday survival kit, but what if you're caught at work when disaster strikes? If you don't already have one, create a survival kit that will help you get home from work a. This is one of the most affordable ways to. If that doesn’t work, try to add two digits. This safe comes in 3 sizes, the Centurion 12 (18. Product dimensions: 40 x 26 x 72 inches; Product weight: 1325 pounds; Can hold 36 guns; 90-minute 1200F fire rating ; Why Should You Buy It. Then you should have it notarized that will prove your identity. If your safe does not have a UL class 350 certification then it is not fireproof. Free shipping, arrives in 3+ days. A protective grey fabric-upholstered 3-in-1 Flex interior. Liberty Gun Safe Lincoln 50 LX50. Extreme Gun Safe is the next level up from the USA series. Liberty Timber Ridge Gun Safe Review. Featuring a beautiful and durable bronze powder coat finish, and proudly displaying the American Flag, the Liberty Safe Revere 64 Gun Safe offers proven security and added space for your belongings. With its internal hinge, the interior depth is reduced from 11. Please get in touch with individual stores for select. Liberty Safes USA-30 30 Gun Safe Package - Black - The USA Series is one of the most popular series by Liberty. Out top recommendation for the best gun safe is the Barska Biometric Gun Safe. Sep 15, 2019 Messages 4 Location Montana Apr 5, 2022 #43 fnlights said: Does anyone have a recommendation on a quality gun safe? I would like to keep it at or …. Everything to do with gun safes. 2-piece roll form body along with 4-inch military style locking bars qualifies it as one of …. America’s #1 gun safe company—Liberty Safe! To ensure proper set up and installation, PLEASE READ THIS QUICK START GUIDE BEFORE OPENING YOUR SAFE. Seems very sturdy, 1200* for 75 min rated. A quick look at the Lincoln Series by Liberty Safes. Liberty Safe's USA 30 is a great “starter” gun safe for people who want more security and fire protection than the Centurion but still prioritize a lower price. GRANPAY Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad, 5. Centurion 24-Gun 40-min fire rating EMP E-Lock, 59. Consider these benefits of leaving this hefty job to a professional. Many safe manufacturers base their fire certification on tests that have nothing to do with how fast temperatures heat up in a real fire. Unfortunately there arent any UL 72. Liberty uses 3 types of hardplate lock guards throughout our 8 safe security levels: Single hardplate for Level 1; Triple hardplate for Levels 2 – 4. They provide security for your firearms and keep them out of the hands of criminals. Invest in a Liberty gun safe today! For more information on …. Champion Crown C-55 gun safe excels at both form and function. steel body, and accessory door panel for more storage options. A 30 gun safe will hold a maximum of 15 scoped rifles and you may need some lubricant to get them all in there. A Palusol® heat-expanding door seal and multiple fireboard layers result in a 40-minute fire rating at 1,200°F. It has a stated capacity of 25 long guns and retails for approximately $1,119. 7K views 1 year ago Just a quick review of the gun safe. Some of the most reviewed products in Gun Safes are the Stack-On Elite 30-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic …. With top security features like a 2. We know you can't expect alot. Armory 54-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Electronic/Keypad Gun Safe. VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe – Best Gun Safe For Pistols. The store staff made me feel like family. Liberty Revere 20 Gun Safe. 99 Handgun Hangers Liberty Safe has also patented a flexible gun safe interior shelving system that allows customers to configure the interior layout in four to six different ways. Includes 6-foot power cord for wall plug-in. Family owned and operated by brothers Luke Boyer and Zach Boyer. Model ZA-III 6 ft (52 gun - 72"Hx40"Wx30"D - 925 LBS) is listed at $2,654. The main differences between Amerisleep Liberty vs Revere are: Amerisleep Liberty is more expensive, whereas Amerisleep Revere is a bit cheaper. Liberty is America’s #1 safe …. So I got a liberty revere 72 gun safe from TSC, due to some miscalculations on my part and a desire to not royally fuck up my hardwood floors putting it where the wife said I could it now resides in our garage. Of these companies, few are as renowned as Cannon and Liberty, both of which have served as pillars of the gun safe industry for quite some time. com: Customer reviews: Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe. Liberty Safe Lock Light for Manual Lock. All Liberty Safe Products, Gun Safe, Gun Vaults and Vault Doors. Rounding out our long gun safe list, let’s take a look at the Big Daddy XLT from Winchester. The door lines up but then we need to pull the door towards the top of the safe to get the male hinge pins on the door into the female ones on the box side. This type of system is very strong and precise. And the answer is yes, provided you are buying a high-quality electronic safe lock to begin with. The safe belongs to 34-year-old Nathan Hughes. VAULTEK Slider Series Rugged Handgun Safe – Best Compact Gun Safe Under $1000. Large enough to secure a growing gun collection, and with a. PEET, SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for Gun Safes and Cabinets. They also use genuine Palusol Fire seals which are the high quality seals in the industry and expand to 7 times their size during a fire to keep smoke and heat out. WellArmedDad · #17 · Apr 23, 2016. Call one of our experienced safe experts in Austin or San Antonio at 1-877-315-SAFE today! Large Safes Shield your valuables from fire damage with large safes. Watch and learn before purchasing your next Gun Safe. ULTRALIGHT GUN SAFE – Don't let a traditional gun safe slow you down. LIBERTY SAFE Magnetic Handgun Case. 00 72 gun safe from Cannon available from Costco. Furthermore, Winchester gun safes use solid steel locking bolts that range in thickness. For more information on our Liberty gun safes for sale, take a look at the Centurion gun safe by Liberty or contact us at 1-800-247-5625. When it comes to security, the Liberty …. The Steelwater Gun Safe also has a pry-resistant door and 2 solid-steel locking bolts for added security. An internal hard plate protects the lock against drill attacks. Kodiak 32 Gun Safe with E-Lock in Black Kodiak 42 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock In Black. The 1902 Series is a Scheels exclusive; built by Liberty Safe. The Colonial 50 CO50 Gun Safe by Liberty makes great fire protection available to everyone. It has a simple 4 digit electronic keypad that is easy to use in the dark. For extra granularity, our locksmiths try this process using 1/2 digits (so 25 1/2 – 35 1/2 – 45 1/2) in our example above. This Wasatch model 40EDBW has a fire rating of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes and is waterproof up to 2 feet of water for 72 hours. Buy Cannon Wide Body, 64 Long Gun + 9 Handgun, E-Lock, 60 Min. Not too small to be useful, and not too big to be manageable or affordable. 8 cu ft 24 Gun Electronic Lock Black/Gray Gun Safe. Buy Winchester 12 Long Gun + 3 Handgun, E-Lock, 30 Min. A gun safe is an important investment for any gun owner. Gun Safes, Handgun Safes and Home Safes have exploded in demand over the last 20 years. Learn more about our safes and safe. The bolts, of course, aren’t everything. My wife convinced me of buying a Liberty Safe and she was right!" -Manuel R. We use rollform technology to build our trademark two-piece safe bodies. The trick is to not get any safe with a fingerprint scanner off of Amazon and call it good. Is this safe a good one for a starter safe?. Fire Rating – Liberty Federal 48 Gun Safe. The Liberty Franklin 23 Gun Safe FR23 comes with a 110 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. There are several factors that go into calculating the cost to move a safe. Featuring a 5-point ship’s wheel handle and hand-applied finishes, you not only get the protection that you deserve but a style that can turn into a conversation piece. Stealth EGS14 Gun Safe Review. Fire protection certified for 30 minutes @ 1200° F Advanced fire and heat protection with 3 layers of 5/8 in. 3 #3: Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun & Pistol Safe. This California-approved gun safe provides the maximum security of your guns. Gun safe is fire protection certified for 40 minutes @ 1,200 F. Store up to 33 long guns, choose your exterior and interior finishes, and configure the interior shelving to best suit your needs. 1 Top Pick: 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock MBF6032E. A durable 12-Gauge steel body increases strength and outperforms similar safes that only carry the California DOJ rating. 42k views, 319 likes, 5 loves, 18 comments, 51 shares, facebook watch videos from liberty safe: I was looking at a liberty revere 72 on the tractor supply website, but the. Ad The Best In Fishing Hunting Outdoor Products. F Fire Rating; Winchester gun safe holds up to 20 long guns; Electronic lock with back-up key included; Outside Dimensions: 56 in. 00 stars, based on 1 reviews Liberty Gun Safe: Revere 30 Fire protection is increased from other branded safes that only have one layer of fireboard. Liberty Freedom 30 Gun Safe - Black - The Freedom 30 Safe by Liberty holds up to 30 long guns (firearm dependent), while the installed door panel provides additional handgun and accessory storage. This includes products from Barska, Secure-It and many of the Chinese brands on Amazon whose names are unpronounceable. Our Franklin safes shut out heat and smoke while providing 110 minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. 42 x 27 x 72: Weight: 950 lbs: Fireproof: 80 minute fireproof @ 1400 degree: Lock: Buyers Guide for Rhino Gun Safe Reviews Size. Used Gibraltar TL-30 High Security Safe. Liberty Revere 23 M Lock Textured. – Liberty Revere LR30 30-Gun Safe Mech. When you compare this to a Winchester Legacy 45, only a couple hundred dollars more, which has 18 1-1/2″ bolts around the perimeter, you’re looking at a significant difference in pry protection. A 15 minute upgrade from the Liberty USA Gun Safes, the Liberty Patriot 50 Gun Safe comes with a 75 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. 4 #4: Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Quick Vault Combo. Check out these feature upgrades. #libertysafe #gunsafeView this product - https://www. Exterior dimensions: 59” x 46” x 25”. Gun Safe Security Test - Liberty Safe's Head to Head Pry Test featured on Guns & Gear TVSpecial thanks to Guns & Gear TV. My whole family uses Liberty safes. Essentially, SnapSafe’s Lock Box is a cheaper version of Hornady’s metal pistol vaults. Centurion 24 Textured Granite Flash Sale. Grab a Gun Safe for Sale! By choosing the right gun safe, using it correctly, and adding accessories to enhance its functionality, you can ensure the safety and security of your firearms for years to come. Cannon uses thicker steel in the sides of their safe's doors, which are 3/16" to 9/32". Some people, however, aren’t content to have such a secure adventure. If you're wondering who makes the best gun safe, we'll help you out with a look at the top gun safe manufacturers and tell you who our top choice is. I will mention that Fort Knox has the Maverick series with 11 gauge steel, however it isn’t one of their true vaults, and wouldn’t make a true comparison as it has limited options. Currently, there are two models to choose from, the 64 and the 72 inch tall 50 size models. Executive Safe, 60 Minute Fireproof Protection. Fire Rating – Liberty Patriot 50 Gun Safe. The Palusol heat expandable door seal expands up to 7 times its size in a fire to keep smoke out and contents safe inside. Items not picked up within 7 days will be considered forfeited. 86% (27817) 12% (3749) 1% (462) 0% (137. The entire steel construction is reinforced with 2-piece roll form body and 3 additional bolts against pry attacks. If you are looking for a Christmas gift ideas, this long gun safe might be a good fit for your needs. FREE 1-Year Subscription to Sports Afield magazine with purchase of a Sports Afield safe, $27. Our key access, quick combo, and biometric handgun vaults are ultra-convenient with quick access and equipped with the industry's latest vault security technology. Liberty Revere 64 Gun Safe Review. Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles & Pistols | KBX5629 by Rhino Metals with New SafeX Security System | 42 Long Guns & 9 Handguns | 30 Minute Fire Protection | Door Organizer for Handguns & Ammo | 390lbs Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Kindle …. In terms of fire protection, there is little identifiable difference between Liberty and Browning. tractorsupply comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment GunDealsMod BOT • Additional comment actions. Interior LED Automatic Lighting Included- Logo'd Door Organized Kit Included - High Quality UL Listed Outlet with (3) 110 Volt A/C Plugs and (2) USB Ports. Each 1902 safe features UL Listed security, increased fire protection and Liberty's patented new high security 4-inch locking bars! Built with our beautiful and durable gray marble gloss finish or black gloss finish, each safe is also fitted with SecuRam's Back-Lit. Gun Safe is one of the best liberty gun safe pick from the liberty series. This rating certifies it can withstand light burglary protection. Liberty Colonial 23 Long Gun Safe. Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16 Landmark 3220, Hammertone Chocolate Tan Brown. has a 30 min fire (UL RSC rating as pointed out by USMM Guy) and an internal hinges on the door. gun safe cabinet cover Gun cabinet cover is suitable for the gun safe of domestic rifles and pistols, 600D thick waterproof sunscreen fabric, rifle safe cover and protector, hidden guns safe (15 x 14. Amerisleep Liberty is great for side and combo sleepers, whereas Amerisleep Revere …. Champion Model T Gun Safe Review. While the footprint of this safe is large, the exterior depth is a mere 25" to prevent it from protruding excessively into the room in which it is place. Winchester gun safes are split between un-rated, CA DOJ approved as a firearm safety device and UL Approved RSC. 16 Best Gun Safes for 2023. 20 LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PRODUCTS, INC. Liberty Franklin 40 Gun Safe Review. The Bulldog Car Vault is perfect for storing your handgun on the go. Its 11-gauge 2-piece steel body and composite doors significantly increases sturdiness from attacks and from thieves hauling it away. D, Gray Marble Gun Safe & Lifetime Warranty: Siege Platinum 73-Gun Fire and Water Resistant Safe, Biometric and Electronic Lock, Black Cherry, …. Silica Gel Cat Litter Gun Safe Bad beauty tips from around the internet – “Make a face mask from kitty litter” – The reason the kitty litter masks seem beneficial is because some contain bentonite clay. Rifles, Reloading, Optics, Equipment. Boasting an impressive 10-gauge steel body, a 120-minute fire rating, and eight military-style locking bars, this safe is sure to keep out even the worst criminals and natural disasters. military style locking bars that are proven to protect better against pry attacks and are significantly stronger than traditional round pins. Liberty Gun Safe RV23DLX Revere 25 Gun Safe Scratch and Dent LIB. 1 Liberty Safe & Security Prod Re 18-Bkt 18Gun Liberty Safe. Sports Afield Preserve 32-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Electronic/Keypad Gun Safe. Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer. This is another great USA made gun safe manufacturer that builds a safe exactly to the way you want. 9%) Reviews (0) Product Details. LIBERTY SAFE Illuminate Your Gun Safe with The Lighting kit. The Liberty USA 50 Gun Safe comes standard with the SecuRam UL Rated TopLit high security electronic lock. The Winchester TS20-12 Digital Gun. The USA Series gun safe is one heavy-duty 60 minute fire rated safe at an affordable price. Introducing the best built Import safes, engineering by Liberty. The Champion Model T gun safe is the least expensive model from Champion Safe. Our proprietary Triple Seal technology creates a seal against fire and smoke damage for 45 minutes in temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit …. A 15 minute upgrade from the Liberty USA Gun Safes, the Liberty Federal 48 Gun Safe comes with a 75 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. They take up more room and will reduce the number of firearms you can store in your safe. I found out today that the company sold to a Chinese manufacturer. Below is a gun safe comparison table. Security – Stealth EGS14 Gun Safe. Best 12 Gun Storage – Gun Safes for the money. I found a good way to fix my Cannon Digital Gun safe fail. Console Vault offers an exact fit safe for many vehicles. The first one is its EMP resistance, ensuring that your gun safe will open even in emergencies. 7 MILLION … Liberty Safes For Sale Sandpoint, ID — (SBWIRE) — 11/25/2015. With over 32,000 reviews it's easy to see why Liberty Safe is America's most trusted home and gun safe manufacturer. Buy Liberty Gun Safe - 1776 Series 48 - USA Made 48 Gun Safe Write a review. F fire rating, this Winchester gun safe includes six steel locking bolts. It is designed for quality and durability and has easy access features for a seamless experience. Made with 7 military-style locking bars, this gun safe offers an internal hard plate and re-locker, offering a level of security not found in other entry-level safes. Browning Yukon Gold YG 12 Gun Safe - Gray - A gun safe that combines the level of security features, fire protection, interior versatility and build quality can only come from Browning. Liberty Safe covers protect your gun safe, while keeping it concealed f. The Stack-On Siege 28-Gun Fireproof Safe is CA DOJ approved as a firearm safety device which is not a difficult test to pass but does ensure it has the absolute most basic security features. Reviews (0) REVERE Liberty 72 Gun Safe with 60 Minute E-Lock, RV72-BKT-E-DP For Sale You may get security with the REVERE RV72-BKT-E-DP Liberty 72 Gun Safe with 60 Minute E-Lock for an entry-level cost. Outer dimensions: 72” H x 42” W x 27. Liberty Prod 24 Gun Safe Door Panel. A good gun cabinet or safe should be fire. 14) is an even stronger long gun safe, than the last one. Hey guys, I am looking into getting a safe and my local shop has a liberty revere model on sale for $899. Liberty Lincoln has bolts that are 2 inches long and 1. From the Statue of Liberty to the Eiffel Tower, there are plenty of safe and charming vacation destinations to choose from. Liberty Safe also sells rifle rods which help utilize the space in your safe. Liberty Safe offers the finest electronic safe locks to make access to your Safe, quicker and easier. What a piece of crap this safe proved to be. revere liberty 72 gun safe Written By arlie-ortic-tutas Sunday, June 19, 2022 Add Comment Edit. The Sports Afield Haven 48 gun safe SA5942HX features the standard Chinese Solenoid Lock with key override. Each category and my scoring are …. The Liberty Franklin Gun Safe comes with a 110 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. This large capacity safe features fully adjustable shelves to hold up to 48 long guns. And for your tactical needs, we offer top of the line Liberty Safe accessories, including pistol racks, handgun hangers, rifle rods, mag holders and mounts, bow hangers, and ammo canisters. Liberty Gun Safe For Sale Models Reviewed. Liberty's humidity and temperature monitor offers superior precision to maintain the optimal environment in your home or gun safe. While it’s still not a UL rated high security electronic lock, this lock is much better than both the cheap biometric scanners used by Barska and the poor quality electronic touch pads used by. Liberty Colonial 50 Extreme High Capacity Gun Safe. If you have any questions regarding these gun safes or other AMSEC gun safes, please give us a call at 800-207-2259 today! Buying a gun safe can be a difficult task. If you're safe is under 750lbs, you should consider bolting it down. When you buy a Tracker Safe Gun Safe with Dial or Electronic Lock online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Almost all the rhino safe has excellent storage to store small gun to long guns easily. Buy Liberty Gun Safes - Fatboy Jr Series - USA Made 48 Gun Safe - 75 min @ 1200º F online at GunSafes. †Dimensions listed are for the safe footprint and are rounded up to the nearest quarter inch. Cannon makes more of their safes overseas (China, Taiwan), while Liberty makes their safes in the USA. Liberty Safe offers a number of fire-rated safes that start with 30 minutes of. Gun safe maker Liberty Safe, which has come under fire for giving the FBI access to the safe of an alleged Jan. This model is the Toplit which features a red light on the top of the keypad for seeing in the dark. 2 #2: Liberty Safe Re24-bktf Revolution 24 Flex Gun Safe. Units from the compact, affordably-priced 12-gun Centurion all the way up to almost-closet-sized models like their 64-gun Fatboy. 5 Hours Fire Rated Gun Safe. RedHead® 1856 Collection Ultra Fire-Resistant Gun Safe. This safe is affordable, offers 12 gauge steel, a 60-minute fire rating at 1400 degrees, and Browning’s Cantilever Interior (not quite as good as their Axis Interior, but close). The safe also offers a 75 minute fire rating, and an unknown steel gauge. Seems to be working really well. The bodies and doors of our safes are formed from coiled 14, 12, 11, 10 and 7-gauge steel, depending on the model of safe, with a pickled and oiled protective coating to help prevent rust. Secure your firearms with the Sports Afield Journey 20-Gun Safe. Right click or control click on file name to download files to disk. Get free shipping on qualified Extra Large Gun Safes products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Tools Department. Great product and customer service. 5" to depth for handle and hinges. Overall the styling is simple and looks good compared to the imported textured black paint jobs. A first look at the USA 30 from Liberty Safe. Use your noodle and you will be fine. The Freedom 30 has room for 30 long guns and boasts level 2 security, a 14-gauge steel body, and 6 hardened, 3/16” steel. Prices range from inexpensive gun safes to high-security true safes. [#1] I think you'll find 10-15 guns with scopes , mags etc will be comfy. Complete with a single-lever handle and 30 min. Eagle Fifty 110 Minute White Gloss E-Lock Gun Safe. To Liberty’s standards, the Revere has a level 15 security rating and is the first and most affordable option to include 11 gauge steel and a 2 piece roll-form body. Liberty Gun Safe Tactical 24– Dean Safe. The Power Outlet Kit is easy to install, and can be adjusted to the various thicknesses found in Liberty's fire safes. Expandable Palusol fire and smoke seal. NS25 National Security Magnum 22 Gun Safe. The Vaultek RS800i Plus WiFi Biometric Rifle Safe is styled extremely well. The Centurion 18 features 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200°, a 14-gauge steel body, Liberty’s thick, military-type locking bars, a one-piece drill- and pry-resistant hardened door plate, and our proven relocker mechanism that locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry. Liberty Gun Safe, Liberty Gun Safes for Sale. Level 3 safes, like the Colonial and Fatboy 47 are built with 11-gauge steel. Made with 7 military-style locking bars, this tough gun safe has an internal hard plate and re-locker to give you a …. FREE delivery Sat, Oct 14 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. Be the first to review “Liberty Safe Revere 44-Gun Bronze E-Lock Safe, 60 Min. In addition to the high-grade UL listed fireboard and deep bend box, a dead air space is manufactured into the home or gun safe. Working tirelessly, it provides an additional layer of protection and peace …. USA Gun Safe Lighting Kits. L, Black Gun Safe and Lifetime Warranty. fireboard in the ceiling and door, and 1 layer in the walls Heat-activated Palusol door seal expands up to 7 times its size to protect against fire and smoke Utilizes Liberty's patent-pending, 4-inch military-style locking bars; tested to be significantly …. Lock Black Gloss Chrome …Protect your valuables with Liberty's upgraded entry level safe-the Revere Series. Sports Afield Preserve 24 + 4-Gun Fire Safe. Find the complete line of the Liberty National Security safes at http://thesafewarehouse. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 40 minutes of fire protection. If you are anywhere near Utah it would be worth your time and a drive to head to Liberty's factory in Payson when they hold their scratch and dent sale. And lastly, you are to pay for the service. Customer Care, Toll Free (855-248-6723) Shopping Bag[0] Write a review. Liberty Safe Owner's Manuals, Instructions, & Quick Start Guide. The Liberty USA 36 gun safe is a feature-rich entry-level safe, and it might just be the “goldilocks” choice for first-time safe buyers. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. com/actionlockandsafetampabayHi, …. com: Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles & Pistols. Start with the 30, you can always sell it to a neighbor when you outgrow it. Gun Capacity / Config: 65 total (39/52+13) Body Thickness: 11 Gauge. GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000. 6K views 1 year ago Just a quick review of the gun safe. The two-tone gloss finishes are beautiful to look at and will make a nice accent in any decor. Liberty Safe's USA 30, 36, & 48 are each installed with a quality TopLit SecuRam E-lock with red LED lights for better nighttime vision. The job of a lock is to secure your gun safe, but also allow you easy access to the contents inside of it, which an electronic lock will do. 2 out of 5 star rating (62) Stack-On Beveled Edge 18 Gun Safe - Black. Let me just say that these safes are more of a deterrent from keeping people out especially if you bolt the safe down which is a huge must if you buy one. Lock – Liberty ProVault 24 Gun Safe. The RV23/30 models have 71,000 BTUs and more fireboard than the competition - including 40 minutes @ 1200°F (RV20 model has a 30 minute fire rating) 3 layers in the ceiling, with 2 layers in door jambs and door, plus one in the walls. Group II is fine for that sort of safe. Reviewing the Liberty Safe's Centurion Series: The Entry. The Liberty Revere 30 Gun Safe doesn’t just have a good lock, it also has advanced security features including Liberty’s 4 inch military style locking bars. In fact, many delay the ramp-up to 1200 degrees over 20-30 minutes. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in a Liberty fire safe. 0/10 Pros UL Approved SecuRam Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock 4-Inch Military Style Locking Bars Offer Significant Pry Resistance 60 Minute Fire Rating at 1200 Degrees with Palusol Door Seal High Quality Interior with Door Panel Organizer Included See more. Cannon Safe CA594024-90-H1FDC-17 Cannon Series Premium Safe, Hammertone Black. Mine is a Cannon (American Eagle labeled) and my buddies was a Liberty. Each safe has 60-minutes of tested fire-protection and is equipped with Liberty’s stronger Military-style locking bars to ensure your firearms and other …. Liberty safe is the #1 seller of gun safes in the USA and there is a huge reason why. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, went with Liberty University in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Security is unmatched at this price-point with its. First on our list is the Fort Knox PB1 (also known as the Fort Knox FTK-PB), one of the most popular handgun safes on the market (I’ve got one) — for good reason. Shop the #1 Trusted Supplier of Liberty Safes in. What can police officers claim on tax returns? If you're a contractor, you could deduct several things along with take regular deductions. Get free shipping on qualified 72 Gun Safes products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Tools Department. This safe is equipped with a fully programmable electronic lock, carpeted interior, and a height-adjustable top shelf and barrel rest for flexible storage. Does anybody have one of these Liberty Revere safes from Tractor Supply? 1. You can store your valuables in the accessory door pocket system. The only thing I need to do is look into that cheap locking mechanism and see who makes it and if it is reliable at all. 4 14 Rifle Lite Gun Safe with Electronic Lock MGL14E. This gun safe comes in one size, one color and one configuration (20 gun capacity). Constructed with solid steel, this gun safe holds up to 42 long guns and 6 handguns; a total of 48 guns. Designed to Keep All Your Guns, Ammo and Gear Organized and Damage-Free. This piece of electronic wizardry acts as your personal burglar alarm and status monitor for your gun safe. Styled incredibly well, the Remington STS 40 Gun Safe has it all. Look it up on youtube and net, and you will see how cheaply Liberty is made. 42k views, 319 likes, 5 loves, 18 comments, 51 shares, facebook watch videos from liberty safe: I was looking at a liberty revere 72 …. Locking bolts offer a high level of security, with one …. The gun safe measure around 31 pounds with a dimension of 16. This safe is filled with features. Items in Cart Subtotal: See price at checkout. Finally, one attacker is used in the test and this is the same burglary. Includes a Steelwater door organizer. The GCB-900 is still made of steel, but it isn’t necessarily at the same grade as an official gun safe. Kodiak KB19ECX 30 Long Gun Safe – Most Popular Kodiak Safe.